Supply Deal - 5 Bird/Owl Charms

Love to add different charms onto your crafting projects? Here is our very first supply deal for you. You will get 5 different bird/owl charms for bulk price. Attach those cute charms onto a chain or buy multiple sets for making a earring set. 

Set including: 
- 1 Big Owl Charm approx 38mm long, 20mm wide, 3mm thick and 3mm hole
- 1 Bird on Nest Charm approx 23mm long, 20mm wide, 3mm thick
- 1 Owl Charm approx 23.5mm long, 13mm wide, 5.5mm thick and 1.5mm hole
- 1 Owl on the branch approx 22mm long, 15mm wide, 1mm thick and 2mm hole
- 1 Bird on the Swing approx 32.5mm long, 18mm wide, 1mm thick and 1.5mm hole

Retail Price: $4.00
Blog Deal: $2

Before you purchase, please read following:- All charms are in antique silver color
To purchase this deal, click the PAYPAL - BUY NOW button below. Your items will ship out within in 1-2 days. 
- No Purchase Limit for each person. But only 50 sets are available. The Deal will run for a week ending at 8/13. 
- Domestic shipping is $2.5 for up to 5 sets. International shipping is $4.00 for up to 5 sets. $1 will be add if purchase up to 10 sets. 
- If the "Buy Now" is no longer working or you are sent to my etsy page after clicking the button, that means all the sets are sold out or the deal is end. 


No Sew Clip on Bowtie

Click here to see how to make this no sew clip on bowtie. Perfect for those who don't know how to use sewing machine (like me).


Busy before vacation

All shops will be closed for my upcoming vacation this weekend.
Can't wait to go back to Taiwan, my home country. This will be the first time my baby boy travel oversea. I am exciting but also kind of worry to take him on plane. Hope he won't cry too much up there and be a good boy. Other then that, I can't wait to go around with him in Taiwan and show him where his parents grow up. I know he can't understand all that yet, but I feel exciting to just think about it.
After I back from Taiwan, I will have a few changes for my business. I will work on new projects and hopefully to show you the results soon. :)



I finally open an account at deviantArt. I know this community for a while but never have the courage to open an account. I am still uploading my art works and trying to get more familiar with the community. If you are a member in deviantArt, too, please be friend with me there. :) If you dont' know what's deviantArt, go take a look, there are so many talent artists there.


Mustache Love

Mustache Jewelries in the store

Available in here.


Button Crafts

Buttons are so colorful and not only can use as sewing buttons, you also can use it to make beautiful accessories and decorations. Here are some tutorials I found online, so easy and pretty to look at. 

Button Flowers
Spring Bouquet

Button Magnets

Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Butterfly Brooches



I have several online stores. PapaSupply at etsy.com focus on selling crafting supplies especially buttons.
I used professional button machine to make all of my buttons. All the buttons has plastic cover on. Most of the buttons in the shop are flat back buttons, but I can also make those as pinback buttons (badges).
What's flat back button? You can see as follow picture, the back of the button is flat and can glue on to any flat surface for your crafting projects.
Flat back button
There are over 50 different image styles to choose from. 

Here are some examples of what you can do with them. But I also have customers bought them just to use as party decoration. 

ID Badge

Hair Bobby Pins