Graduation Cap

Graduation season is over, I am a little late to post this...
One of my best friends graduated last month. I couldn't make it, so I draw something for her cap(left). I sent her the pdf file, and she cut it out herself and decorated the rest.
She worked in a Japanese restaurant, so I put sushi on her head.
Making the cap for her remind me of my own cap(right). I was just starting to learn how to make sock doll back that time. So I decided to make a graduating sock doll on my cap. She has her own cap made with felt and also holding flowers.


Independence Day with Little Chick

Happy Early Independence Day
I will have 4 days weekend next week. Can't wait. But have no idea where to go...

Blue Background

Rose Background


Cookie Pattern

Cookie Pattern
Cookie with cream on the top.


When you were OUT memo paper

I cleaned my table this Monday to get more space for my laptop. So in this way I can watch Youtube while I work on my drawing. I have to listen music or have somthing on my side when I am working in Illustrator. I so want to have 2 moniters.... But for now, laptop on my side is working just fine.

Cellphone pattern is my new pattern. You can find stationary set in my shop now. I also made this "When you were out" memo paper for you to download. 4 different cellphones (from really big ancient one to the one I used) with different colors.

I just LOVE to put all my print out together and work just like real memo pad. How fun.

Please leave comment to me if you download my memo paper. Thanks.


Cellphone Pattern

New pattern.
Stationary set is available in my shop.