Onigiri - Rice Ball

I was in Taxes last week to visit my sister-in-law's graduation. My goodness, the weather, just way to HOT!! Especially for the people from San Diego!! But it was nice to be with family. We also spend some time back in San Diego. We went to SeaWorld and I made some rice balls using the rice ball maker I bought from a Japan Market a long time ago.

It's really easy to make, just have the rice into the bigger container and push the smaller cover together. When it done, just pop the rice ball out.

For making delicious rice ball is very easy. I bought the rice seasoning from a Korean Market. You can buy it in any Asian Market. There are so many different favors to choose. I used Wasabi seasoning this time. First, Mix the freshly cooked rice and rice seasoning together. Taking some mixed rice into the rice ball maker to fill just half the container.

I also put some dried fish floss inside. Then I put more rice in to fill the whole container.

It's Done!!


Handmade Stickers Collection

I redo most of my old sticker sheets to fit into the new size. I used glossy sticker paper to make my stickers before. But I found out those are really difficult to peel off. I like how my designs printed on glossy paper, but I just have to give those out. I now use matte paper to print my stickers. Now I am offering choose 3 from all of those 15 different designs for $5.00.

My latest designs are #10 and #11: "Let's Cook" and "Time for the Medicine".

1.) Building Stickers (7 pieces)
2.) Cow Stickers (4)
3.) Breakfast Icon Stickers (11)
4.) Cat Stickers (6)
5.) Animals in Costumes (5)
6.) Ice Cream Stickers (5)
7.) Veggies Stickers (9)
8.) People around the World (7)
9.) Disney Princess (7)
10.) Let's Cook (13)
11.) Time for your Medicine (9)
12.) Halloween Stickers (8)
13.) Animals in X'mas Socks (8)
14.) Christmas Characters (6)
15.) Christmas Decoration (11)


Pinback Buttons

Here are 20 different pinback buttons I designed.
I already upload all those onto PapaWaii, and will put onto my PapaDesign ETSY Shop one by one. Those pinback buttons are 1". Very cute and in good quality. I ordered though Kitty Cross Bones.