Sock Owls

Here are the sock owls.
It's small and soft to hold.
I only used one adult sock to make all 3 of those. And all those turn out, mm..., not bad, right?


My Sock Pig

I finially get back to my sock craft. Thanks for the times in Vegas.
Here is my pink sock pig doll. I used to use baby sock to make small size sock doll, this time I used adult winter sock to make bigger size pig. Still soft to hug. :)
Here is the front.

And the back with little tail.

I made another one with smaller body.
I think smaller body give more kawaii feel, how do you think?

I even made the tail more like pig tail on this one.


Super Cute Food

My friend sent me those pictures, and because those are so cute, I want to share with all of you.
We are wondering if those cute little rabbit made of moshi or suger or pasta. What do you think? Or they just made out of clay for display? Either ways, they are just too cute to eat.


8 Maneki Neko from ETSY

Maneki Neko, A.K.A. Lucky Cat or Fortune Cat, is popular in most of Asian restaurants or shops. People believe with their right or left paw raise will bring customers or luck or wealth in. I am not a cat person, sometimes I think the cat eyes are kind of scary. But I do find some cute Maneki Neko designs in ETSY. Check those out!!

sexualAlgebra's Maneki Neko necklace ($3.20) has 2 designs. Chose plain one or polkadots one to wear to get luck.

Who said Maneki Neko has to be white. Joojooland's lucky cat ($30.00) is different and cute as ever!!

Take this cute Maneki Neko Lucky cat tote ($10.00) everywhere, you may get lucky on the road.
Plasticpumpkin uses Chinese brush to make this unique Maneki Neko Print ($5.00).

What a cute lucky cat ornament ($18.00)!! You can chose any felt color to make your own lucky cat.

This Sock Maneki Neko ($8.00)is made from baby sock. Soft to touch, cute to hold.

This set of 4 lucky cat cards and envelope set ($9.00)can bring good luck to your friends!!! Not a traditional deisgn and very cute.

Lucky cat one inch badge ($1.00) can be on a coat, jumper, shirt, bag or hat. Bring the luck to anywhere.


I am in Vegas now to help my friends with new born baby. It's been raining hard for almost a week already. I made several sock dolls here, but can't take pictures due to the weather. I hope the sun will come out soon so I can share all those dolls with you. :)
And thanks to Swap-bot, I had the chance to see many people's blogs. Thanks for people who come to my blog and leave some cool comments. Thanks!!
Between, why baby cried so much.....


Felt cake box

I didn't make felt craft for a while.
I spent whole afternoon yesterday to finish this felt cake.

A special thing about this one is, there is a tin box on the bottom for small items storage.


Recycled Tags

I just opened another eCrater shop for my Recycled tags. I recycled some old magazine/comic/books and make all those gift tags. Each tag set is one of a kind.


Little Mermaid

Here is my new design~ Little Mermaid~ There are four different colors and with different hair accessories. I made four bookmarks with these designs. I think they are cute~ :)


Afternoon Tea Tags

I always think having a afternoon tea time is a perfect moment in life.
Having cute looking dessert, cup of tea/coffee and spend time with friends is relax.
I heard back to my home country, Taiwan, there are a lot of Afternoon Tea Buffet. You can spend a flat rate and having 2 hrs of fear-free sweetness time. I so want to go.....

Afternoon Tea Mini Tags. Around 1.5" in scallop shape.

I used those mini scallop tags to make those round gift tags.


My Cute Disney Princess Stickers

My husband got sick for several days already. He has headache and can't stop coughing.
I searched online for some recipes to help coughing situation. I cooked different kind of Chinese Herb Chicken soups, Ginger Soup and Lemon Juice. All of these recipes seem to only work a little bit. Hope he will get better and I will be all ok from all this. :)

Here are the stickers I made from my Disney Princess drawing that I showed yesterday.
Here is the 1.5" Thank You round stickers. I also have with Happy Valentine's Day stickers.

Here are the 2"x2.75" round corner stickers. I will put those into my shop later.


Disney Princess

Happy New Year!!
It's 2010 already and I still free at home.
I want to try coming up new craft/design/drawing everyday this year. Well, at least few every week. Don't know how long it will last. :P
I will go to Vegas next weekend to hep my friends with their new born. May not be able to do much drawing. But hey, it's no hurt with new year resolution, right!!
So here are the new Valentine designs I did these days: Disney Princess!!
Here are the cute styles of Jasmine, Snow White, Mulan, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora and newest Princess Tiana. Hope you like them. I will also make those into stickers and cupcake toppers.


Bulldog Stickers

My friends have a wonderful bulldog named Nina.
First I thought she is, mm, not that cute, but after I know her more, WOW, she is the cutest dog ever!!! She is just like little child and always wants to play with us. And if we are busy and can't play with her, she will use her most innocent eyes looking at us.

I will see her in 2 weeks. Can't wait!!
Here is my latest valentine stickers, and I use Nina as model to come up with those.


10 Interesting Coasters

Are you a fan of iPhone? Here is a set of cool
iPhone coasters ($49.99) from Meninos.

Meninos also has this Adobe Designer coaster set ($24.99). Those two sets are too popular and already sold out.

"Just pop out the individual coasters for use, then put them back in the ring for storage."
Good thing about this Pop Open Coaster Set($18.00) is that not only to use for your cup, but you can also use it as hot pan coaster as whole.

This Soft Sector(
€27.00) may remind some of us good old days. (really?)

Clumsy Coasters ($9.95) sells for set of 4. Not bad, you won't notice if your water actually spilled out.

Cheese Coasters ($9.00) set of 2.

Chocolate Coasters set of 2 ($9.00).

Good old days. Can't deny that Super Mario still is a very fun game to play. And those coasters are fun to use it, too. These Video Game Coasters are available for $3.00 each and can be made with different NES (or any other video game) characters as special order. Very Cool.

Talking about good use of old items. Here are the set of 8 Recycled Retro Chic Record Album Coasters($20.00). ArtisanOasis also have different sets with different album titles.

This Flip Flop Coaster and Straws Set ($7.95) is perfect for party decoration or favors. One of a good things about these pretty coasters is you don't need 2 hands to hold your glass and coaster when mingling, cause the coaster will stay on when you lift the glass.