Korean Chips - new favorite in our office

In my office, there are 2 drawers full of snacks.
Candies, chips, cookies, juices, chocolate...etc are all inside those 2 drawers.
We usually put chocolate and chips that are popular on the top of drawers just for people to grab and go.
One of my co-workers used to buy many different kinds of Korean snacks for us and those Korean snacks are different and quit good. Don't know why he didn't bring those to us anymore these days... :(
So when I found these in Korean market near where my husband lives (since we work in different cities, me and my husband now live in different places), I can't help and bought a bunch to office. Very soon, my co-workers found this Chili favor potato chips are the favorite of all kinds. So I bought more for them to office.
And those gone by very fast, in the 1st week, 3 bags already opened and gone. So my co-workers had to hide the rest.
This week I went to the Korean market again, and sadly found out the Chili favor are all gone.
If you ever see it in the Korean market near where you live, try one. It's not hot at all, and more like BBQ favor for some of us. The original favor is not bad either.


Bread Art

Do you like toast?
I heard there is a toast oven that can leave message on it for your dear ones.
Now you can do the same online~
Make your bread art in Bread Art Project.
If your art got approved, not only you can send your art to your friends but also help the needs.
Because for every approved submission, the Grain Foods Foundation will donate $1 to Feeding America, the largest hunger relief organization in the U.S.
I used my strawberry cake to make the bread art.


California Love - ETSY Treasury

I am so happy SacCraftCollective put my "Someone in California loves you" mini card into his ETSY Treasury~ It's my 2nd time being in treasury... I forgot to screen shot the 1st one, and it got expired.... -_-|||
The ETSY creator, SacCraftCollective, is from Sacramento, California. I lived in Davis (20 min. from Sac. ) and studied in Sac for 10+ years. Just moved down to S. CA 3 years ago. So I am happy to know someone from where I live for past 10 years include my work in his treasury. What a pleasure~
The work that inlucded in this treasury is my "Someone in California loves you" mini card. I got the idea from UCD (University of California, Davis) gift shop. My friend bought a very cute cow plush with a t-shirt saying "someone in UCD loves you" for her boyfriend.


Butterfly Bags

Moschino Cheap & Chic Baby Butterfly Shoulder Bag.
buy though Endless

Women's Mossimo Butterfly Bag.
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Bronze Butterfly Crossbody Bag
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Laura Matthews Designs Patent Clutch
Now on sale for $130.00
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Happy Easter~

Happy Easter to everybody.
Here is the cute chick!!
I also make a pattern out of her~
The background is eggs~ haha


Easter Egg?

Ha, I know I am totally late for adding more Easter related items to my store.
and actually, I have no idea if those 2 stickers can count as Easter eggs or not.
They are Uncle Sam Egg & Mariachi Band Egg.
How do you think?


Bow Clutch

Noued D'Amour Bag. $1,095.00. Buy though Saks.

Furla's Venere Pochette clutch. Now on sale for $240.90. Buy though Saks.

Felix Rey's Emma Zip Top Clutch. $90.00. Buy though Shopbop(dot)com.

Alexander Mcqueen's Squeeze it Clutch. $1,180. Buy though Net-A-Porter (dot) com.

Spiegel Bow-Tie Clutch. On sale now for $29.00 in Amazon.

Cinched Clutch. Price cut: $14.44 in Target.

Gold Bow Clutch from Audrey Bags. $11.99. Buy though Audrey Bags.



Last month I went to 2 Fashion trade shows in Vegas.
My purpose there was to see what's the trend and popular in this season.
This time in both trade shows, we saw peace sign almost in every booth.
So I go to ETSY again to find some really interesting peace sign items.

Barrel of Monkeys have a lot of buttons to choose from in including this Peace and Love.
Show your love by having one of these.

The earring is made by Kira Ferrer. Unique shape and elegant defined.

I like Moorefield Pottery's coffee mug. Her mug has her own characteristic.
I like the colors, there are three colors.

haha, war vs. peace, see how Peace men keeps the world in peace.

ps. I wanted to set up a peace & love treasury in ETSY for a long time, but I can never get one.....


Chick Out

The weather in past 2 weekends are really nice.
So my husband decided to take me to see Body Exhibit in Balboa Park in SD.
Because it was so sunny outside, I also bought my new sock dolls with me to take more pictures.
First, we went to Danny's for breakfast.....
I think I ordered wrong dish, eggs with cheese are too rich for me that morning. I didn't finish it.

No photography is allow in exhibit. So this is the only picture I took for the show.
I wanted to see Body Exhibit for a very long time~
So I was really excited that I finally can go see it.

On the way back to our car, I saw the those yellow flowers on the ground.
SPRING is definitely here.

Big Chick Sister taking little egg sister to feel the Spring.

Pinky Heart Sisters.


What's IN this season: Palace Blue?

What color is IN this season 2009?
From Pantone Fashion color, Palace Blue is one of the 10 main colors for this Spring this year.
Palace Blue is also the #1 color that fashion designers use in Spring 2009 Runway show.

I researched on ETSY.com, and found some really beautiful Blue there.
Here They Are:
(Please contact me if you don't like your pictures to be posted here.)

What a beautiful bracelet !!
I like the colors so much. It's really eye catching.
You can see more jewelry in Grecian Goldsmith.

Versatil Elements' earring is very unique and modern.
I like her pictures with all the sea related items in background.
Made me feeling relax.

Who said fashion can't be cute!!
Susan Smith Clay's Bird Mug is simple and the color is just beautiful.

Awwww~ cute owl with round big eyes and really hugable body.
Usually owl with orange and red eyes are scary for me, but with this blue combination, it's nothing scary but only cute.


I had this blank bookmarks package for a while and never really have time to use those.
Last few week, when I was watching entertainment program from youtube, I decided to doodle something on this.
Here is the cute little boy with rabbit ears. Just something relate to Easter~ :P
(by the way, what's the connection between rabbit and Easter? I really have no idea.)
This week, I got some extra stickers cut out.
So I took out my blank bookmark and made some fancy ones.

Here is the graduation sticker on bookmark.
I am thinking to selling this sticker in graduation season.
But I don't know if anybody will buy graduation sticker.
Maybe a small gift for everyone who come to graduation?
I remember I made some lip balm for my friends in my graduation.
I also have a bunch of cute stationary paper.
So I cut one out and stick on the bookmark.
Too bad it's very light blue color, can't really see on the picture below.

The cat bookmark.

I made all different ones with my stickers.