Summer TIme

Just finish those summer icons. I think I will make those into stickers and maybe gift tags?
I enjoy working on those icons, especially the little girl. I love those swimsuits with little skirt on it. It's so cute. And I had a little bit trouble to finish the sand castle. I never really build one by the beach, maybe I should try it next time.

I rearranged blog tags on the right. I hope it will be easier to search not only for you and also for me. :)


Some cute Rings I made

I bought some cute cabochons back from Taiwan this year.
My original plan was selling them in my shop, but then I change my mind and use those to make some cute rings.

I love these bears. They are so small and cute.

I also have some cute Hello Kitty bell charms, and I made some into bracelet. I will show you the pictures later.


What I was doing yesterday

I started to sell my own design die cuts month ago, still trying my best to bring up the sales.
Those cute panda die cuts are the best selling so far. So I decided to make bunch of those as stock. Here are some processing pictures. So many black bodies and little heads.

I made some pink ones before for a customer, and those turn out really cute. I forgot to took pictures of those, but I am going to make some more for my store. Already have the bodies cut.

The black/white ones are available in my shop.


Cute Dog Pillow/Plush

It's been a while for me to make this kind of large sock doll.
This plush is around 24" long and I think it's perfect for little children to hug when they are sleeping.

I like polka dots. But it kind of hard to see the eyes with those black/gray polka dots.

It's available in my shop.


My first conco

I was busy organized my new home for the past two weeks.
Here are some pictures~

Our Living Room

Our Living Room Decoration Close up
Not very clearly, on the right, there is a bird house with a green bird.

Our Dinning Room

Close up
I am thinking to put this die cut onto my shop. How do you think?
My Office

All my craft supplies.


Cute Cupcake Everywhere!!

Since I made some cupcake related items lately, I found some cute ones online to share with you. All those are so cute and creative. Click the photos to link to their website!!


Cupcake Mini Cards

Here are the cupcake mini cards!!
They are around 2.5". And I am thinking to make pink envelope to go with those. But for now, no envelope yet on the shop.

I also tried to use pattern paper to do the blue ones. I think it's not bad either.
I also made some flower and originally wanted to stick on the top of the cupcake. But I changed my mind. Maybe I will try those later.

All those cupcake mini cards are in my shop.


Cute Cupcake Box

I forgot to blog about my 2nd paper box, the cutest cupcake party favor box ever!!!
I love the outcome very much, I think it's even cuter then the toast box, even I used basically the same layout. I hope I will have a cupcake party in the future so I can actually use those.

I also came up with some cupcake icons to go with the favor box.
Those are available in digital form if you buy the party favor cupcake box printable here. I also do sell the printout ones, all in 1" size and on ready to peel stickers.

I also made some cupcake mini cards. I will show you the photos later.

Have a great night everyone. Sleep Tight!!


Ice Cream Coloring Pages

My first Coloring pages.
I used my old ice cream stickers illustration and came up with 2 new ones.
Now is available in my PapaDesign Shop for download.