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Button Crafts

Buttons are so colorful and not only can use as sewing buttons, you also can use it to make beautiful accessories and decorations. Here are some tutorials I found online, so easy and pretty to look at. 

Button Flowers
Spring Bouquet

Button Magnets

Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Butterfly Brooches



I have several online stores. PapaSupply at etsy.com focus on selling crafting supplies especially buttons.
I used professional button machine to make all of my buttons. All the buttons has plastic cover on. Most of the buttons in the shop are flat back buttons, but I can also make those as pinback buttons (badges).
What's flat back button? You can see as follow picture, the back of the button is flat and can glue on to any flat surface for your crafting projects.
Flat back button
There are over 50 different image styles to choose from. 

Here are some examples of what you can do with them. But I also have customers bought them just to use as party decoration. 

ID Badge

Hair Bobby Pins




Felt Stickers

I add some felt stickers into shop. Aren't they cute? 
Those 3 are my favorite. Love the panda!! These stickers are perfect for decorate your diary or any of your crafting projects. 


Polka Dots Messenger

I found this cute polka dots messenger bag a while ago. This bag is sooooo cute. I am still debating myself if I should order it, either for myself or for the store. 


Japanese Puzzle Eraser

What's puzzle eraser? It's a eraser but also as a toy that you can take apart and put together. Those erasers made from Iwako or Dream are eco-friendly, non, toxic, no lead, no paint, no latex. 

 They are so cute and small. There are so many different ones to choose from, I just feel dizzy when I saw all those cute pictures.

 I took these pictures few years ago with my furniture miniatures. See how those erasers fit so well with Japanese style room or modern office environment.

Crafting Supplies Shipment

My latest shipment arrived few days ago. I am so excited about this. There are some fabric tapes, rubber stamps and cute memo stands. I will add them into my shop soon and hope you guys will like those, too.