My first Craft Show

I just had my first craft show last weekend in a church.
I chose an outdoor booth but because of the rain, I got moved to indoor. And because of this, we have a very cozy show.

I was kind of nervous before the show, especially after I know that my husband won't be able to stay with me. But thanks to my best friends, she came and stayed with me for half the show time and helped me to take down everything.

This is not a very busy show due of the rain. But I still make some money and not one mean customer. For the first show, I am really happy about it. Can't wait for my second show in 1.5 weeks.

Here are the pinback buttons.
Napkin rings
Favor Boxes
and Hair Accessories.


Holiday Boot Camp Pledge

I, Canndy Pan AKA PapaDesign , pledge to participate in the Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp to the best of my abilities. I vow to check in every week, do my homework and support my fellow Holiday Boot Campers. I will read the weekly newsletters and blog posts, check in on the weekly forum thread, read the weekly blog post, check off the checklists and salute the mascot. I promise to share what I've learned with those who need it, support my fellow Etsy indiepreneurs and, most of all, have a positive and persistent attitude. I understand that together we can spread the word about our handmade and vintage goods, making this holiday season a more unique and meaningful one to gift givers and give-ees everywhere!

New Buttons!!

I got my button machine finally!!
Here are some new buttons I made.


The Plumbers Wardrobe t-shirt

Playing Super Mario Wii is what me and my husband do almost everyday. I am not a good player, almost die in every other 5 min. But it's just a fun way to spend time with my husband.
We also have the original super Mario game in our wii machine. And the plumber guy surely have many clothes. This is what this T-SHIRT about. I hope they will have an updated version including new clothes from wii version. Available in Splitreason.com.


Glass Pendants

I always wanted to try glass pendants. So I bought a craft kit from kristenskrafts in ETSY.
In this kit, I can make 5 different shape glass pendants, 1 scrabble tile pendant and 1 bottle cap magnet. This is a fun experience. In this kit, she also included some beautiful images, but I used my own images to finish those. Love those.


Animal Die Cuts

I just finished an alchemy order from ETSY for a customer last week.
I made total 25 two layers die cuts with totally seven designs. Some are around 10.5" height and some are around 5"-7". Here are some pictures I made.


Onigiri - Rice Ball

I was in Taxes last week to visit my sister-in-law's graduation. My goodness, the weather, just way to HOT!! Especially for the people from San Diego!! But it was nice to be with family. We also spend some time back in San Diego. We went to SeaWorld and I made some rice balls using the rice ball maker I bought from a Japan Market a long time ago.

It's really easy to make, just have the rice into the bigger container and push the smaller cover together. When it done, just pop the rice ball out.

For making delicious rice ball is very easy. I bought the rice seasoning from a Korean Market. You can buy it in any Asian Market. There are so many different favors to choose. I used Wasabi seasoning this time. First, Mix the freshly cooked rice and rice seasoning together. Taking some mixed rice into the rice ball maker to fill just half the container.

I also put some dried fish floss inside. Then I put more rice in to fill the whole container.

It's Done!!


Handmade Stickers Collection

I redo most of my old sticker sheets to fit into the new size. I used glossy sticker paper to make my stickers before. But I found out those are really difficult to peel off. I like how my designs printed on glossy paper, but I just have to give those out. I now use matte paper to print my stickers. Now I am offering choose 3 from all of those 15 different designs for $5.00.

My latest designs are #10 and #11: "Let's Cook" and "Time for the Medicine".

1.) Building Stickers (7 pieces)
2.) Cow Stickers (4)
3.) Breakfast Icon Stickers (11)
4.) Cat Stickers (6)
5.) Animals in Costumes (5)
6.) Ice Cream Stickers (5)
7.) Veggies Stickers (9)
8.) People around the World (7)
9.) Disney Princess (7)
10.) Let's Cook (13)
11.) Time for your Medicine (9)
12.) Halloween Stickers (8)
13.) Animals in X'mas Socks (8)
14.) Christmas Characters (6)
15.) Christmas Decoration (11)


Pinback Buttons

Here are 20 different pinback buttons I designed.
I already upload all those onto PapaWaii, and will put onto my PapaDesign ETSY Shop one by one. Those pinback buttons are 1". Very cute and in good quality. I ordered though Kitty Cross Bones.


I joined an afternoon tea party at my friend's house this week.
The hostess always created different decoration for her tea parties. This week, she used our teapot jar as well.
ps. She always prepared so much for all of us to eat.

This cute teapot jar can be sugar jar, cookie jar or chocolate jar.

It came with 3 different colors. Check it out at PapaWaii.

New Items arrived for PapaWaii

Just got some new items for PapaWaii.
I feel so excited. I will start taking pictures for those and update to the shop ASAP.


My new store - Papawaii.com

I finally start my own online store in own domain name.
PapaWaii was in eCreater.com before, but I never really like the layout.
I only can use the template they provide, which is the one and only, and only five categories will be shown on the front page. But it's free. It's a good way for me to try out. Although the business is not that good over there, I still glad I found eCrater.
I was busy moving all the items to my new online shop, papawaii.com. Now I think it's ok to show all of you. My idea for this shop is to combine all my handmade and my loves of cute items in this shop. I will eventually add all the handmade items I have in this new shop. I feel really excited about this. :) From now until 9/1, every order not including shipping with $10 or over will get something extra. Those extra including erasers, phone straps, pencil, memo pad, key chain, pinback button...etc.
I also change the blog layout, so it's easier to link to my PapaWaii and PapaDesign shops.
Anyway, Thanks for visiting here, and please please come to check out my new shop and give me any suggestion you may have.


Glass Marble Magnets

I made some marble magnets. Those can be push pins, too.
I think those look so nice in the tin box. :) Available in my shop.
Those daisies are from my original drawing.
Some cute bears, can't really seen clearly on the picture.

Cuttest ever Cupcakes

Awwwwwww........those cups are so cute and kawaii......
Just want to share with you. :)


Bear Die Cuts Process

Summer is closer, but SD is kind of cold these days. Have to remember to get a coat when I go out. But most of time I got tricked by the sunny sun. :p

I worked on these new die cuts for 2 days. Just want to share the process to you.

Here is my sketch. I like to draw stitching lines.
I use illustrator to draw the lines after scan it to computer.
I used two different colors cardstocks to cut the shapes I need.

And then stick those two shapes together.

Here are the work in process.
After I stick all three layers together then I will need to erase all the sticky parts. Usually this took me the longest time.

Finished!! Yes!!