Thanks to Ms. Q for the link back from her blog, Thoughts from Ms. Q, to my PDF gift tags.

It's cold in S. CA now.
I love my glove~ since I don't really have the chance to wear it lately, I wear it today even when I use computer. Kind of hard to type, but I still finish the drawing on the top with it.

Be warm and enjoy the holiday season.


Christmas Gift Tag

X'mas is just in the corner.
Ready yet?
I don't have much X'mas gifts to give out ( well, kind of nice thing during this time~) this year.
But I still make some X'mas gift tag for fun~

2 pages with total 18 different designs~

Click the link to download each file. You must have Adobe Reader to be able to open it.
The Christmas Trees , 3 designs, 6 colors.

Design #2, 9 different designs

Drop me a note about how you think ~


How to make Sock Fish~

I made a sock fish tonight.
It's not a tutorial...... I don't know how to make one...
But I will try my best to describe every steps to show you how I made one.
(You can see the bigger pictures on my Flickr Album:

1.) Prepare 2 different kind of socks. One as body (inside), one as cloth or as body color (outside).
I chose a white sock as body material and purple little flowers one as cloth.
2.) Get fiberfill. It's really depend on how big is your sock and how you want it to be. I want my fish felt puffy, so I used more fiberfill.
3.) Put all this fiberfill inside the sock. Make it round.
4.) Sew the sock opening as fish tail.
5.) I cut the fish tail shorter.
6.) Put the outer cloth on to measure.
7.) Cut the sock to where you want.
8.) Put the outer cloth back. We have a fat fish with flower cloth on now.

9.) Stitch the end of outer cloth onto the body. So the outer cloth won't come down easily.
10.) Use the part you cut off earlier to make two half circles (back of the sock).
11.) Sew one half circle and leave the opening un-sew.
12.) Reverse the half circle to the right side and fold in half. Stitch together.
13-14.) Sew the opening together. Repeat with another one.
13-14.) Sorry, I put the number wrong~ Sew both half circles on each side of the fish as fish fin.
15.) Use a piece of felt. I found this pink one to match with purple flowers. Draw 2 circles one it.
16.) Embroidery the eyes with black thread.
17.) Stitch the eyes on. Make sure the stitch on the sock is down to make a smile.
18.) Done!! Here is one happy sock fish!!

This is the old one I made with baby's sock. I use buttons to make eyes. This is a gold(blue) fish!!


I found this sweet truffles from "How about Orange". The picture she posted is just so beautiful and easy to make. So I tried out few weeks ago.
First, I used my Magic Bullet to blend a box of Oreo until powders.
I love my Magic Bullet~ it's perfect to make juice out of it. But blending just make too loud of noise...
Then mix with cream cheese and shape into balls. I made those too big, around 1" is enough. I used wrong way to melt my chocolate .... So I can't really dip my Oreo balls into melted chocolate....that's how ugly it became...

I tried 2nd time. This time I use the correct way to melt the chocolate ... microwave...!!
This time, the Oreo truffles came out much much better!!

It's very easy to do, and taste good!!
Here is the recipe: Bakerella's blog (She has beautiful photos) and easier one here.



This weekend, I took my cute little guys out for some pictures.
I took them out one by one in every restaurant we went that day.
I think servers may think I am crazy or childish to bring plush to eat.... haha. But there is one server thinks they are cute and asked me where I bought it. I am proud to say that I made all of those.
The weather in LA this weekend is cold and raining a little bit. But we still managed to take some pictures under a little bit of sunshine.


Crawfish Print

Craw fish are popular in Louisiana. They even have eating craw fish competition over there.
That's how we get the idea of making this crawfish print with seaweed and water wave.

But then we changed to this concept of catching crawfish on fishing net.
I guess this make those crawfish more delicious ~~ ?

Here is how the print is on the luggage. Black and brown actually seem ok.
But blue and lime are just too ugly to take around.


2009 Desk Calendar - SWEET

Purple or Green(not shown)

12 months with 12 different sweet desserts.

It can be set on jewel case as stand.
The printable(Download) version is now sale on ETSY.
I may sell the print out one in a case later.
I love my February sweet~ make me wanna make some for myself to enjoy~


X'mas Card #2

2008 X'mas Card #2

Daisies Print Pattern

2008 Daisies Print Pattern



Mini Bags

2008 Mini Bags

Building in the world.

Building in the world pattern


Modern Art Print

I made this pattern for a fringe patch group as special order. This one is one of the patches. I made 4 bag styles for this group, but the price for the each bag is too high for the customers. Ya, so we have to kill this print as well.....

Flower Print

Flower Pattern is getting popular. Not only during the Spring and Summer time, more designers used for the Fall and Winter fashion show, too. I don't really remember why I drew those. But since we don't have this print made on luggage, I guess this print was killed before make to the factory. :P


Flower Bags

2008 Flower Bags

Wrinkle with Croc

2008 Wrinkle with Croc

Fleur De Lis Jacquard

2007 Fleur De Lis Jacquard Travelgear



2008 Animal Patches Clutch

4 different kinds of clutch

Patent Quilted Fashion Bags

2008 Patent Quilted Fashion Bags

All Styles


Multi People Print

2007 Multi People Print Travelgear

All the styles

Original Print