Bear Die Cuts Process

Summer is closer, but SD is kind of cold these days. Have to remember to get a coat when I go out. But most of time I got tricked by the sunny sun. :p

I worked on these new die cuts for 2 days. Just want to share the process to you.

Here is my sketch. I like to draw stitching lines.
I use illustrator to draw the lines after scan it to computer.
I used two different colors cardstocks to cut the shapes I need.

And then stick those two shapes together.

Here are the work in process.
After I stick all three layers together then I will need to erase all the sticky parts. Usually this took me the longest time.

Finished!! Yes!!


Crayon Quesion!!!

I have some cute mold that I used to use for my soap making.
But since I don't make handmade soaps lately, I want to use those molds for other uses. So I did a quick research and make those crayons in different shapes.
And now here come a problem.
You can see on the picture, every crayon I took out from silicone mold, some whites stay on the top of it. On the left of the pic is the back of the crayon which didn't touch the silicone mold stay perfectly fine.

But all others are come out like those.
I love my Hello Kitty molds, but all those I made become really ugly. I have no idea why.

Here are the crayons that I took out from plastic mold, no problem at all.
So I know it must be my silicone molds, no matter the molds are used or new ones I just bought.
I searched online to see if anybody had the same problems as me, but not with any luck!!
Please, any crayon makers, help me to solve this problem.

My first Treasury in ETSY

I am so happy that I finally can create a treasury in ETSY. Here is my cute and kawaii panda treasury. Those pandas are so cute. Check it out here.


Asian Cabbage Salad

I draw this recipe for "They Draw and Cook". If you love food and you like to see art works, you should definitely check out there.
I used to make cabbage salad every summer. But my own recipe is too simple, so I found this recipe online and mix with my own. It's very easy to make, try it!!


Mother's Day Card-Free download

Everyday suppose to be Monder's day, Father's day or even Valentine's day. Why only celebrate those days once a year with your loved ones. That just a thought.
I made this die cut mother's day card for my mom, well, she didn't know it yet, I am going to send it out tomorrow. It's not very clear on the picture, it is a pink card with wording "Best Mom" and a carnation flower.

And since it's already too late to put on my shop. I am making this card as printout.
You can print those 3 in here. It's free and in PDF format.

Here is the coloring page.

Pink Mother's Day card.

Rose Mother's Day Card.
All 3 cards are 5"x7" when it fold.