Merry Christmas

Merry X'mas!!
Here is my new X'mas decoration.


My Polymer Clay Experience

I wanted to try polymer clay for some time, so I tried to make some veggies out from my vegetable stickers.

Eggplant with pin on the back.

Eggplant with loop on the top.

Radish with loop as charm.

Cabbage.....and I totally forget to put loop or pin.....
And I think I didn't make this cabbage as cute as original drawing... -_-|||

Chili, I have hard time taking picture for this one. No matter what, the picture always seems darker then the clay itself. :(

I also made this sock monster out of clay. Outcome not really cute either....

I also made three little chicks: red, purple and green. I re-glaze the green one, still waiting for it to dry. Although I want to make chicks, I actually made it more like bird. My husband said those look like the logo of Twitter. Haha.

I had good time on those. Love it.


My new storage

I use some pre-made wooden boxes from Daiso Japan to make this storage for my products.
The two chickens on the top are garden decoration also from Daiso Japan. All those materials to make this storage is not even close to $10. And the outcome seems really nice on my table. :)

And I also make this one for my other paper.