The Plumbers Wardrobe t-shirt

Playing Super Mario Wii is what me and my husband do almost everyday. I am not a good player, almost die in every other 5 min. But it's just a fun way to spend time with my husband.
We also have the original super Mario game in our wii machine. And the plumber guy surely have many clothes. This is what this T-SHIRT about. I hope they will have an updated version including new clothes from wii version. Available in Splitreason.com.


Glass Pendants

I always wanted to try glass pendants. So I bought a craft kit from kristenskrafts in ETSY.
In this kit, I can make 5 different shape glass pendants, 1 scrabble tile pendant and 1 bottle cap magnet. This is a fun experience. In this kit, she also included some beautiful images, but I used my own images to finish those. Love those.


Animal Die Cuts

I just finished an alchemy order from ETSY for a customer last week.
I made total 25 two layers die cuts with totally seven designs. Some are around 10.5" height and some are around 5"-7". Here are some pictures I made.