Free Last Min. Halloween Gift Box

I made some mini candy box for my co-workers these days. I fill some candies inside and will give all out tomorrow morning. In case if you need any last min. gift box template, here are the free download. Enjoy.

Each page has 2 copies.

I bought those cute Kisses from Target yesterday. There are some Halloween special flavored candies, the picture showed is Candycorn flavored.

3 Designs with up to 12 boxes.

Candy Box

* All files are saved as PDF.


Halloween Stickers Set

Just found out I forgot to put my latest Halloween Stickers Set here.
This set of 9 stickers have 5 different designs.
I like my little girl witch ~ oh, and I love the musical, Wicked~ ^_^"

10 interesting SUSHI items

How Crazy are you for SUSHI?
I always enjoy my time in Japanese restaurant. I love sashimi, hand roll, small dishes, sushi, raman, mm... actually all the Japanese dishes. I found many interesting sushi items online, especially on ETSY.com. I love that website!!
Express your sushi love on your pets' toys, too. Here are set of 3 sushi plush dog toys ($14.95) just for your dogs. Each sushi dog toy squeak, too. How fun.

It's the moving season again, well, for me. But finally I can move down to SD to be with my husband. Anyway, those sushi tape ($5.99) will come handy with packing. I will definitely know where all my kitchenware are with this tape on.

Let all your co-workers know your love for sushi!! Use these Mini Sushi Staplers ($4.95) in work, and you may want to get some sushi for lunch!!

Another sushi item for your office use. Sushi Pen ($7.00) with very unique design on top. But have to be careful that no other sushi lovers in work see it. There are 4 designs available in Pylones.

It's always time for sushi. So is it Tuna roll or Salmon roll time for you? Sushi Wall clock ($25.99) is available in Amazon.com.

This Sushi sampler soap set ($15.00) is so beautiful. You can chose your own Niguri Sushi or sushi rolls up to six pieces with ginger and wasabi. All those are soaps, make sure you don't eat it. Bunny Bubbles has some very creative and interesting soaps in her shop.

Those Sushi Slippers ($28.00) are so brilliant!! There are four different "sushi meat", and you can order which feet goes with which sushi meat you want. Sushi Booties also has sushi baby booties ($22.00), so cute.

Those are the cutest California Sushi roll ($16.99) I ever seen. They are so cute and look very comfy to hug. Cornstarch also can customize any sushi plush you like if you can't find the one in her shop.

Those nine adorable Sushi Magnets ($9.99) are perfect for sushi lovers' refrigerator. JooSweetie's shop has so many cute items. Her owl designs are really different and interesting. This shop is one of my favoriate in ETSY.

Another cute way to show your love of Sushi. This Sushi Party Charm Bracelet ($10.00) is perfect for any sushi dinner party. Acrylicana also has a lot of cute accessories in her shop.


Origami Hello Kitty

I am so happy!!
I finally finished it!!
This Origami Hello Kitty took me almost 2 and half weeks. And I finally finish it.


It's time to save money - Coin Bank

Tofu Coin Bank ($4.50) Available in 4 colors: White, Lime, Yellow and Pink.

Talking Coin Jar ($12.95) Every time when you put coins in, this talking jar will announce the amount and keep total on the jar. So you don't need to count your coins.

Combination Vault Bank ($14.00) Every vault has its own combination code. Now you don't need to worry someone break in your pig coin bank.

Stay Puft Man ($29.95) from Ghostbusters. Can't deny it's one of my favoriate comedy movies. Too bad it's made with plastic, otherwise it will be very fun/comfortable just touch it's tummy.

Saving Bank-Cat ($16.00) She is so adorable. Cute way to save money.

San-X Rilakkum Coin Bank ($35.95) Awww....he is just too cute to save coins.

Super Mario Mushroom coin bank($16.99) is one of my favoriate characters in Mario Party.

Hello Kitty Coin Bank ($28.79) in Gold color.

Hello Kitty ATM Bank
($20.99). I think I might buy one of this in the future for my kids to learn how to save money. It's so cute with all the function and LCD screen.


AWWWWWWW........................ another super cute panda item!! This panda mug + spoon set ($21.00) are just adorable, the paws of the panda spoon can hook on the edge of mug, cute and useful. There are five other animals mug set available in the Japanese Gift Market: Cat, Frog, Bear, Rabbit and Pig.


FREE Halloween Tags

I finally come up with some new designs!! (Yes!!)
These six icons can be gift tags, stickers, bookmarks or for your next Halloween scrapbook project. It's Jpeg file, just simply download it and print on any paper you want. It's free for download. Please click the image to link to download page. Leave me a comment if you downloaded. Thanks so much.


Mini Panda skillet

I taught Chinese to kids in a Chinese Culture Group back in college. And we had a panda day that every kids have to bring a panda plush or toy that day. One parent told me every Chinese has panda at home, but in my mind, I don't remember I ever have a panda at home. After I got home, I look around and surprised to see I actually do have a panda plush at home. I just never really paid attention on it before. Now, Japanese Tarapanda is my favoriate, I have a lot of Tarapanda stuff in my car, at my home or even as my store name (Tarapanda in Chinese is PapaBear). I just found this panda pancake skillet ($26.00) on fredflare.com. I think it's super cute and just want to share with all of you.


10 Interesting Animal Salt & Pepper Shakers

My goodness!! There are so many different kinds of salt and pepper shakers!!
I have to put those in different categories in different posts, so I can share all of those with you.

Especially for cat lovers!! This Cat Salt + Pepper Shakers Set ($44.99) by Jonathan Adler reminds me a lot of Egypt. I heard Egypt people worship cats. And those cat shakers just as elegant as I remember from my art history textbook.

Those penguins salt and pepper shakers set($44.99) are so adorable. I wish I have a set of this on my dinner table. The box is with my favoriate color, baby blue, and also with those styling drawing, this set is perfect as gift.

Another cute design by Jonathan Adler. I love his designs!! This Whale Salt and Pepper Shakers set($44.99) is also my favoriate, especially the box, I love the colors!!

I think Salt + Pepper Shakers and Dachshund Dogs are just perfect match. This Dachshund Salt & Pepper Shakers set($8.95) is perfect for dog lovers!

Another shakers set for dog lovers!! I used to think pug dogs are not that cute. But after my friends adopt a bulldogs, now I think pug dogs and bulldogs are as cute as other dogs. And see how cute this kissing Pug Dogs Salt and Pepper shakers set ($12.95) are, make me miss my friends' dogs more. Good thing is that I am going to visit them this weekend.

What a cute bird. This Salt & "Peeper" Shaker ($10.95) is actually 2-in-1 shakers. When you turn the bird head to right, you will get blue eyes salt shaker, and when you turn to left, the black eyes will give you pepper. How smart and cute way to use it.

Perfect for sea party theme, so you will have shake fins on table to entertain your guests. One thing need to be careful about this Finn Salt & Pepper Set ($39.00) is to make sure which one is for salt and pepper.

Do you have a large dinner table, and lazy to pass salt or pepper shakers? Here comes the conclusion, just wind up this cute bird rolling salt and pepper shakers set($38.00), it will across on flat surface to whoever needed. Very cool and useful.

What a kawaii Salt and Pepper shakers!! I wish I have one!! I wish for too many things!! :( Life is not perfect....haha. Rilakkuma Salt & Pepper Shakers ($16.00)

Awwwwww..... I love snoopy. I visited a aircraft museum in SD few weeks ago, and they have this cute snoopy room with all snoopy dressing like spaceman. So this Peanuts Lunar Landing Salt-And Pepper Shakers ($29.95) remind me a lot of that.


10 items help your stress relief

Are you under stress? Maybe some of following stress ball/toys can help you a little.
There are a lot of promotional stress balls out there, but I found some items are different and fun to watch. Check those out!!

OK, those are only count as 1 item. I am selling those bread like stress ball plus cell phone strap ($4.50) in my store, PapaWaii. Those are not only look like bread, and also smell like one.

Those four stress toys are actually faces of the moon. Squeeze them whenever you feel not only stressed but also feel laughing, screaming or crying. Set of four for $130.00 in Uncommon Goods.

Martian Popping Thing's eyes, nose and ears will pop out when squeeze. Perfect not only as stress ball but also for entertaining others. Available in Fledflare.com for $14.00.

Paul ($12.99) already stressed, so whenever you are stressed, take it out on Paul. That doesn't sound right, but that's how it said on his box.

Those are perfect for this month!! I think they are kind of cute, well, before their eyes pop out. I Pop Monsters are available in Office Playground for $3.99.

Feel stress from work? or from someone? Dead Fred ($11.99)is right here for you. Transfer your stress whenever you put your pan on this pan holder.

Zen Garden is one kind of Japan Gardens, was performed by Zen Buddhists to help them meditate. Usually no flowers or colorful plants are used. Gravel or sand symbolizes sea, ocean, rivers or lakes. Stone arrangements represent mountain or island. So this mini Zen Garden ($9.99) can help you attain a quiet focus by rank the sand or rearrange the rocks.

In my office, someone put a big pile of bubble wraps in the corner. So everytime when anyone feel like it, they will go and pop some bubbles. I guess not only people from my office like to do that, now you can buy this little bubble poping keychain in ToysRus for $5.99.

Some people like popping plastic bubbles, but some people like to pop cans. What can I said, I admire Japanese's imagination and creativity. This reusable pop can toy ($3.90) can help your stress relief. Just keep opening the can without wasting any foods.

Another fun stress relief item from Japan. Endless Box Opening can satisfy your "un-zipping" needs. Available in Jbox.com for $9.80.