Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy early Thanksgiving!!

We had our first turkey last weekend already, and we will have hot pot with friends this Thursday at home. So I want to decorate our house for the holiday. :)

Here is my paper Thanksgiving decoration.

But since we will use that table for dinner, so I change to on the cabinet by the door.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


What I have been doing....

I quit my job and moved to SD to be with my husband.
And since I am now officially jobless, I spent more time doing crafts these days.

Here are some what I have been doing.
I have a log of scrapbooking paper left from my wedding, so I decided to cut circles out of them and made some gift tags with my drawing.

here are the close up.
Right now, I have problem of should I leave those as it is, or should I pouch a hole and put the string on? Difficult decision for me...


Facebook Notebook

Can't deny that I am a big fan of facebook mini games. My husband always said that I played too much facebook games. -_-||| I know that... But it's hard to not log in.
Anyway, here is a cute notebook called FaceBook ($24) by UK designer Sukie. And you can see the small picture of inside that each page has different face background.


Christmas Stickers

Available in my PapaDesign Shop.
By the way, I like my Santa. My co-worker asked me if that's a Santa Baby with beard.


Printable cute animals hiding in socks

I am busy these days with packing and develop new X'mas Designs.
I am moving to San Diego next weekend. Can't wait. But also kind of sad to say goodbye to my co-workers. I get to know them more in past 2 months. And I enjoy every lunch hours with them.

Here are my latest X'mas printable set. It's available in my ETSY shop.
3 different sizes from 2" to 5".