I found this sweet truffles from "How about Orange". The picture she posted is just so beautiful and easy to make. So I tried out few weeks ago.
First, I used my Magic Bullet to blend a box of Oreo until powders.
I love my Magic Bullet~ it's perfect to make juice out of it. But blending just make too loud of noise...
Then mix with cream cheese and shape into balls. I made those too big, around 1" is enough. I used wrong way to melt my chocolate .... So I can't really dip my Oreo balls into melted chocolate....that's how ugly it became...

I tried 2nd time. This time I use the correct way to melt the chocolate ... microwave...!!
This time, the Oreo truffles came out much much better!!

It's very easy to do, and taste good!!
Here is the recipe: Bakerella's blog (She has beautiful photos) and easier one here.