My Polymer Clay Experience

I wanted to try polymer clay for some time, so I tried to make some veggies out from my vegetable stickers.

Eggplant with pin on the back.

Eggplant with loop on the top.

Radish with loop as charm.

Cabbage.....and I totally forget to put loop or pin.....
And I think I didn't make this cabbage as cute as original drawing... -_-|||

Chili, I have hard time taking picture for this one. No matter what, the picture always seems darker then the clay itself. :(

I also made this sock monster out of clay. Outcome not really cute either....

I also made three little chicks: red, purple and green. I re-glaze the green one, still waiting for it to dry. Although I want to make chicks, I actually made it more like bird. My husband said those look like the logo of Twitter. Haha.

I had good time on those. Love it.

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