My first Craft Show

I just had my first craft show last weekend in a church.
I chose an outdoor booth but because of the rain, I got moved to indoor. And because of this, we have a very cozy show.

I was kind of nervous before the show, especially after I know that my husband won't be able to stay with me. But thanks to my best friends, she came and stayed with me for half the show time and helped me to take down everything.

This is not a very busy show due of the rain. But I still make some money and not one mean customer. For the first show, I am really happy about it. Can't wait for my second show in 1.5 weeks.

Here are the pinback buttons.
Napkin rings
Favor Boxes
and Hair Accessories.

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Novelty Pens said...

Very nice work! These could be very collectable.