Monkey Keychains

I used my time in Vegas well. I also made those felt monkey key chains. I forgot to sew the string on the yellow one, that's why it's seems a little odd.


Marybeth said...

I love these!

Simone said...

Very cute

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Evelyn said...

Your crafts are just adorable! I'm peeking in to your blog from swap-bot.

Brnwebgrrl ;-)

SuperStar Chef Mark said...

Your stuff is so adorable. I'm a fan of monkey stuff and absolutely love the key chains! I'm excited to see what you create next.

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Tam Hess said...

Your blog is great! I LOVE THOSE MONKEYS! Oh and the owls too. Little "stuffies" are my favorite.

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NoodleBubble said...

LOVE YOUR OWLS! I have HUNDREDS of ODD socks - should I send them your way!!!

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Nyxie said...

These are just plain adorable. i am such a stuffie fanatic! Yours are very cute.

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Ariel Bouvier said...

A really cute monkey collection. I like your style!

peace & love,

Crafty~Mama said...

Those keychains are adorable!!
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