Felt Owl Keychain

I bought this cute felt whale DIY pack when I was in Taiwan last month.
I was kind of disappoint of this DIY pack when I open it up, the direction is very poor, I have to search online to get more ideas about how to make it right. But one thing is very good is all the felt pieces are already cut out, I don't need to trace the design and cut it by hand.
The specialty about this keychain is that all keys can be hidden inside of the whale. How cool is that!! I can hang this keychain onto my bag if I want, and when I need it, I can take it off and get my keys out.

But since I am not a big fan of hanging my keys onto my bags, I found the whale one is kind of troublesome when I tried to take the keys out to open the door (have to un-button first) . So I made some changes and use my own owl design to make a new one. Now, if I only need to go out for a short time, I can just put the keychain on my wrist and go. Keys sill hidden inside of owl, and easier to take those out. I already put this one up to my shop and will make more designs later on. By the way, this is the first time I use stiff felt, I like the outcome of it.


Ren said...

Super kawaii!

Five Little Crafty Birdies said...

Sooo adorable. You should share a tutorial! =)
I am following you now via swapbot!!

silk fibers said...

awesome design...