Summer TIme

Just finish those summer icons. I think I will make those into stickers and maybe gift tags?
I enjoy working on those icons, especially the little girl. I love those swimsuits with little skirt on it. It's so cute. And I had a little bit trouble to finish the sand castle. I never really build one by the beach, maybe I should try it next time.

I rearranged blog tags on the right. I hope it will be easier to search not only for you and also for me. :)


babalisme said...

I love little skirt on girls' swimsuit too!

Rhonda said...

Very, very cute! Makes me want to go to the beach! :)

Sorry I am a couple of days late on the blogger swap from SB. It's been a crazy week and it completely slipped my mind!

rhonnifer @ swap-bot

James Moriarty said...

aw very cute pic!