Crayon Quesion!!!

I have some cute mold that I used to use for my soap making.
But since I don't make handmade soaps lately, I want to use those molds for other uses. So I did a quick research and make those crayons in different shapes.
And now here come a problem.
You can see on the picture, every crayon I took out from silicone mold, some whites stay on the top of it. On the left of the pic is the back of the crayon which didn't touch the silicone mold stay perfectly fine.

But all others are come out like those.
I love my Hello Kitty molds, but all those I made become really ugly. I have no idea why.

Here are the crayons that I took out from plastic mold, no problem at all.
So I know it must be my silicone molds, no matter the molds are used or new ones I just bought.
I searched online to see if anybody had the same problems as me, but not with any luck!!
Please, any crayon makers, help me to solve this problem.


Zoƫ said...

I have no idea what the issue is but those are adorable little crayons, especially the bow!

(Maybe try greasing it with baking spray or something? since I usually do that in baking trays anyway)

The Stitch Sleuth said...

I see Zoe already suggested a little baking spray. Or perhaps using one finger, rub canola oil inside each mold.