Movie vs Novel

As a big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I can't deny that I have a thing with vampire stories. That's why I started to read Twilight Saga. (Plus Rice told me English version is easy to read~ :P)
Yesterday, we rented the movie back home to watch. I was still on the 1st book when the movie was on. Twilight story line is very simple. Main girl new in town and fall in love with a super cute vampire. And of course with this "dangerous" boyfriend, something big happen and threaten her life in the end. Base on the #1 selling novel, the movie was popular and look forwarded before showing on screen. All girls want to be Bella to have this cute and gentle boyfriend. (First-person writing helps a lot on this one)
But for me as a vampire fan, I expected more actions scenes and even the traditional vampire image. (from both movie and book) I can stand with not afraid with cross or garlic or sleeping in coffin part, but why on earth those vampires not afraid of sunlight? Just so the innocent Bella can meet her super cute vampire in normal high school situation.
Anyway, that's just my personal opinion on this vampire image. Back to the movie. I like the movie pace a lot. Story moves very quickly comparing to the novel. But every important scenes are all included. If you expect a action movie, there are not many actions beside flying from one place to another. But if you like YA movie and romance about finding the special person you are waiting for, this is a movie of dream. (have someone incredible in love with you and plus he is cute and have super strength.)
I am still on my 4th book of Twilight Saga. I think for now, 4th one is my favorite one so far. Hope the ending won't ruin it. :)

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