My favorite evening activity lately is playing Settler online!!
This board game is one of our favorite in my family.
Most of you know we start our board game fervor few years ago by playing Monopoly with my cousins. The first board game we played for almost every week back then is "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". I had that game for almost 4 years before we started our game activities on weekends.
After moving down to SD, we only play board game when we went to Vegas to visit my friends. So when I found Settler game online, I can't stop but play almost every other days.
Settlers of Catan online is new to me somehow, with all different maps, interface and combination with all three expansion. Someone called me idiot and bored to play with in my first game there. That remind me a lot of playing Dota in battlenet.
Here is the 2nd game I played tonight. This is the best score I ever got!!
So I have to show off a little bit. haha
It's the basic game, not very complicate. And I found a very good spot to begin with.

Now, finally, my rank should be positive!! I got negative rank for a long time already.

And I should probably stop playing that often, should get back to make more sock dolls or stickers.... :P

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