Korean Chips - new favorite in our office

In my office, there are 2 drawers full of snacks.
Candies, chips, cookies, juices, chocolate...etc are all inside those 2 drawers.
We usually put chocolate and chips that are popular on the top of drawers just for people to grab and go.
One of my co-workers used to buy many different kinds of Korean snacks for us and those Korean snacks are different and quit good. Don't know why he didn't bring those to us anymore these days... :(
So when I found these in Korean market near where my husband lives (since we work in different cities, me and my husband now live in different places), I can't help and bought a bunch to office. Very soon, my co-workers found this Chili favor potato chips are the favorite of all kinds. So I bought more for them to office.
And those gone by very fast, in the 1st week, 3 bags already opened and gone. So my co-workers had to hide the rest.
This week I went to the Korean market again, and sadly found out the Chili favor are all gone.
If you ever see it in the Korean market near where you live, try one. It's not hot at all, and more like BBQ favor for some of us. The original favor is not bad either.

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