10 Fun Umbrella

Raining season is getting closer, maybe it's time to shop for a new and interesting umbrella.

We all have Kung Fu Dream somehow, maybe this Ninja Umbrella will fulfill our dream a little bit. Sale in Uncommon Goods for $28.00.

2007 Red Dot design award winner SENZ Umbrella can protect you from VERY strong wind. (I think it will be really useful if I am in Taiwan. Too many typhoon over there.) You can see the video in their website. Available in Uncommon Goods at $55.00.

Rain-Glo Green Light Saber Umbrella can give you light while walking at night~ You can find it in CoolStuffExpress for $27.95

Pylones has these cute umbrellas for $30.00, those just look like dolls wearing coats in a winding day. There are several different kind of dolls or cats in their website, go check it out here.

It's raining outside, but it's sunny under my Sky Umbrella. Available in The Spoon Sisters for $35.00.

Not only we need an umbrella in raining day, our lovely pet needs one, too. Available in Amazon.com for $19.99.

All the following I found online, not sure where to buy, but really interesting just look at them.

UFO Umbrella

Couple Umbrella, Original is like the left pic with two handle, but the new one with just one handle. So you can be closer with your loved one~

Just want to make sure I am all covered.....This special umbrella is from Japan.

Of course, cute and kawaii umbrella. I tried to find it on sanrio's website, but with no luck.

Hope you like those umbrella....well, maybe just one.

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babalisme said...

umbrella fever!! love the couple ones, it's hard to stay dry in one umbrella if you're going out a couple.