5 Interesting Bookmarks

I only found 5 interesting bookmarks this time. I was thinking if I should spend few more days to search more. But I just want to show you this very interesting Help Me bookmarks I have first. I have some extra ones, if you are interested, please visit my ecrater shop.

Help! Bookmark. Only $7.99 for set of four. Available in PapaWaii.

Squished Frog Bookmark ..... I feel sad for this frog, but it will be really really fun if I use it on my textbook back in college. Available in Pylones at $5.00.

Stainless Steel Bookmark, Learn how to use chopsticks when you are reading a book. Very cool bookmark selling in Uncommon Goods for $15.00 each.

Meet Mark, he is the book Mark, and we are sorry for him. Available in ShinyShack at £7.99 around $12.75

I hate mosquitoes!! If you are just like me, maybe you will like this bookmark somehow, just image you squished all the mosquitoes flying around you when you read a book with it. Available in Pylones for $5.00.

1 comment:

Jackie said...

the last one is a bit gross... the other 4 are cute!! Good collection Canndy!