8 Maneki Neko from ETSY

Maneki Neko, A.K.A. Lucky Cat or Fortune Cat, is popular in most of Asian restaurants or shops. People believe with their right or left paw raise will bring customers or luck or wealth in. I am not a cat person, sometimes I think the cat eyes are kind of scary. But I do find some cute Maneki Neko designs in ETSY. Check those out!!

sexualAlgebra's Maneki Neko necklace ($3.20) has 2 designs. Chose plain one or polkadots one to wear to get luck.

Who said Maneki Neko has to be white. Joojooland's lucky cat ($30.00) is different and cute as ever!!

Take this cute Maneki Neko Lucky cat tote ($10.00) everywhere, you may get lucky on the road.
Plasticpumpkin uses Chinese brush to make this unique Maneki Neko Print ($5.00).

What a cute lucky cat ornament ($18.00)!! You can chose any felt color to make your own lucky cat.

This Sock Maneki Neko ($8.00)is made from baby sock. Soft to touch, cute to hold.

This set of 4 lucky cat cards and envelope set ($9.00)can bring good luck to your friends!!! Not a traditional deisgn and very cute.

Lucky cat one inch badge ($1.00) can be on a coat, jumper, shirt, bag or hat. Bring the luck to anywhere.


Ren said...

Awww! Thanks for including my maneki neko print. All of the nekos are so cute, I want to buy them all! I collect maneki neko!!! :-)

JooJoo said...

Adorable collection of Maneki Neko! Love them all! Thanks a lot for featuring my work :) xo

Capricorn Soap Company said...

What an adorable collection!

I love them all.