10 Interesting Coasters

Are you a fan of iPhone? Here is a set of cool
iPhone coasters ($49.99) from Meninos.

Meninos also has this Adobe Designer coaster set ($24.99). Those two sets are too popular and already sold out.

"Just pop out the individual coasters for use, then put them back in the ring for storage."
Good thing about this Pop Open Coaster Set($18.00) is that not only to use for your cup, but you can also use it as hot pan coaster as whole.

This Soft Sector(
€27.00) may remind some of us good old days. (really?)

Clumsy Coasters ($9.95) sells for set of 4. Not bad, you won't notice if your water actually spilled out.

Cheese Coasters ($9.00) set of 2.

Chocolate Coasters set of 2 ($9.00).

Good old days. Can't deny that Super Mario still is a very fun game to play. And those coasters are fun to use it, too. These Video Game Coasters are available for $3.00 each and can be made with different NES (or any other video game) characters as special order. Very Cool.

Talking about good use of old items. Here are the set of 8 Recycled Retro Chic Record Album Coasters($20.00). ArtisanOasis also have different sets with different album titles.

This Flip Flop Coaster and Straws Set ($7.95) is perfect for party decoration or favors. One of a good things about these pretty coasters is you don't need 2 hands to hold your glass and coaster when mingling, cause the coaster will stay on when you lift the glass.

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BlenderBach said...

Haha - these are awesome! I think the clumsy coasters are my favorite!