California Love - ETSY Treasury

I am so happy SacCraftCollective put my "Someone in California loves you" mini card into his ETSY Treasury~ It's my 2nd time being in treasury... I forgot to screen shot the 1st one, and it got expired.... -_-|||
The ETSY creator, SacCraftCollective, is from Sacramento, California. I lived in Davis (20 min. from Sac. ) and studied in Sac for 10+ years. Just moved down to S. CA 3 years ago. So I am happy to know someone from where I live for past 10 years include my work in his treasury. What a pleasure~
The work that inlucded in this treasury is my "Someone in California loves you" mini card. I got the idea from UCD (University of California, Davis) gift shop. My friend bought a very cute cow plush with a t-shirt saying "someone in UCD loves you" for her boyfriend.

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