What's IN this season: Palace Blue?

What color is IN this season 2009?
From Pantone Fashion color, Palace Blue is one of the 10 main colors for this Spring this year.
Palace Blue is also the #1 color that fashion designers use in Spring 2009 Runway show.

I researched on ETSY.com, and found some really beautiful Blue there.
Here They Are:
(Please contact me if you don't like your pictures to be posted here.)

What a beautiful bracelet !!
I like the colors so much. It's really eye catching.
You can see more jewelry in Grecian Goldsmith.

Versatil Elements' earring is very unique and modern.
I like her pictures with all the sea related items in background.
Made me feeling relax.

Who said fashion can't be cute!!
Susan Smith Clay's Bird Mug is simple and the color is just beautiful.

Awwww~ cute owl with round big eyes and really hugable body.
Usually owl with orange and red eyes are scary for me, but with this blue combination, it's nothing scary but only cute.

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sleeping poet said...

Thank you so much for featuring my bracelet. :) I am honored!