It's time to save money - Coin Bank

Tofu Coin Bank ($4.50) Available in 4 colors: White, Lime, Yellow and Pink.

Talking Coin Jar ($12.95) Every time when you put coins in, this talking jar will announce the amount and keep total on the jar. So you don't need to count your coins.

Combination Vault Bank ($14.00) Every vault has its own combination code. Now you don't need to worry someone break in your pig coin bank.

Stay Puft Man ($29.95) from Ghostbusters. Can't deny it's one of my favoriate comedy movies. Too bad it's made with plastic, otherwise it will be very fun/comfortable just touch it's tummy.

Saving Bank-Cat ($16.00) She is so adorable. Cute way to save money.

San-X Rilakkum Coin Bank ($35.95) Awww....he is just too cute to save coins.

Super Mario Mushroom coin bank($16.99) is one of my favoriate characters in Mario Party.

Hello Kitty Coin Bank ($28.79) in Gold color.

Hello Kitty ATM Bank
($20.99). I think I might buy one of this in the future for my kids to learn how to save money. It's so cute with all the function and LCD screen.

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john smith said...

They also have a schedule of coin deposit machines at community centres Money Coin Bank