10 Originally Cups/Mugs

"Not Paper" Cup can be found in Chiasso.com for $18.00. Just like the coffee bought in coffee shop.

Another paper look like cup but actually made by ceramic. Designed by Rob Brandt. This Crinkle Cup is available in Generate Design for $39.00.

How you want your coffee? "milky," "regular," "dark and strong," or "black"? This Cuppa Coffee Cup will let you have exact coffee every time. Found it in CoolStuffExpress for $18.95.

Perfect for tea lovers~ The pouch is for used tea bag, which I think is very useful. This Pouch Tea Mug is available in VAT19 for $9.50. Three colors are available: Black, Red and White.

Cup or Mug? Turn the MUG CERAMIC around with different shapes. Four colors are available: Green, Purple, Orange and Yellow. Found it in Pylones for $16.00.

Trigger Mug for you to kill time. Available in A+R Store for $16.00.

What's the shinning thing on your finger? 2 Carat Ring? This neat 2 Carat Cup is on sale on What on Earth for $11.98.

The following cups/mugs picture I found online, but can't find where to buy.
But all those are so creative, have to show~

Melting the Ice Mug.
After pouring hot water in, the ice on the mug will melt.

Cookie with Coffee, or Oreo with Milk, what a perfect cup for those.
Now I don't need to worry where to put my cookies.

Perfect for Photographer!!

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