Mini Panda skillet

I taught Chinese to kids in a Chinese Culture Group back in college. And we had a panda day that every kids have to bring a panda plush or toy that day. One parent told me every Chinese has panda at home, but in my mind, I don't remember I ever have a panda at home. After I got home, I look around and surprised to see I actually do have a panda plush at home. I just never really paid attention on it before. Now, Japanese Tarapanda is my favoriate, I have a lot of Tarapanda stuff in my car, at my home or even as my store name (Tarapanda in Chinese is PapaBear). I just found this panda pancake skillet ($26.00) on fredflare.com. I think it's super cute and just want to share with all of you.


Joy De Vivre Design said...

That is the cutest thing! They always have the coolest things on their site, but I have not seen the panda skillet!

Erica said...

That skillet is awesome! I bet there are things in my home like that... that I don't know are here.

babalisme said...

I will be flipping pancakes graciously in this!! too cute!!