5 Halloween Candles

I am not a big fan of Halloweeen.
I used to love to give out candies, so I can see which characters are popular for dress up every year. I remember back to the popular Harry Potter year, 2/3 of children dress up like witch/wizard in Halloween.
In this Halloween month, it's fun to see so many different holiday related candles.

Floating Mini Ghost (set of 20 for $9.99) can be put in the water or decorating on cakes.

Bleeding Pillar Candle, 2 layers candle, you will see your candle bleeding after light it on.
$10.99 for tall candle, $7.99 for short. Both are on sale.

Another Bleeding Candle. I think the mirror on the picture look pretty scary, too. Available in UMA for $8.50.

Ok, this may not fit in Halloween collection. But it remind me a lot of children sculptures from the movie The Haunting. I definitely will have nightmare if I have one of this at home. Little Joseph Candle Holder is $115.00 from A+R Store.

Perfect for a horror movie night...perhaps Saw series? This body part gel candle is from ETSY seller jotaysgel for $16.00.

A lot of Halloween candle are too scary.....I better just stop here, so I won't have nightmare later. haha.


babalisme said...

I love Halloween! But maybe not the one that give me and little children nightmare.. I hate the head sculpture and the last picture, but I do love silly ghosts and such

Canndy Pan said...

babalisme: I totally agree with you. I can't wait for Thanksgiving or X'mas season to post some not scary and cute candle designs.