10 Interesting Animal Salt & Pepper Shakers

My goodness!! There are so many different kinds of salt and pepper shakers!!
I have to put those in different categories in different posts, so I can share all of those with you.

Especially for cat lovers!! This Cat Salt + Pepper Shakers Set ($44.99) by Jonathan Adler reminds me a lot of Egypt. I heard Egypt people worship cats. And those cat shakers just as elegant as I remember from my art history textbook.

Those penguins salt and pepper shakers set($44.99) are so adorable. I wish I have a set of this on my dinner table. The box is with my favoriate color, baby blue, and also with those styling drawing, this set is perfect as gift.

Another cute design by Jonathan Adler. I love his designs!! This Whale Salt and Pepper Shakers set($44.99) is also my favoriate, especially the box, I love the colors!!

I think Salt + Pepper Shakers and Dachshund Dogs are just perfect match. This Dachshund Salt & Pepper Shakers set($8.95) is perfect for dog lovers!

Another shakers set for dog lovers!! I used to think pug dogs are not that cute. But after my friends adopt a bulldogs, now I think pug dogs and bulldogs are as cute as other dogs. And see how cute this kissing Pug Dogs Salt and Pepper shakers set ($12.95) are, make me miss my friends' dogs more. Good thing is that I am going to visit them this weekend.

What a cute bird. This Salt & "Peeper" Shaker ($10.95) is actually 2-in-1 shakers. When you turn the bird head to right, you will get blue eyes salt shaker, and when you turn to left, the black eyes will give you pepper. How smart and cute way to use it.

Perfect for sea party theme, so you will have shake fins on table to entertain your guests. One thing need to be careful about this Finn Salt & Pepper Set ($39.00) is to make sure which one is for salt and pepper.

Do you have a large dinner table, and lazy to pass salt or pepper shakers? Here comes the conclusion, just wind up this cute bird rolling salt and pepper shakers set($38.00), it will across on flat surface to whoever needed. Very cool and useful.

What a kawaii Salt and Pepper shakers!! I wish I have one!! I wish for too many things!! :( Life is not perfect....haha. Rilakkuma Salt & Pepper Shakers ($16.00)

Awwwwww..... I love snoopy. I visited a aircraft museum in SD few weeks ago, and they have this cute snoopy room with all snoopy dressing like spaceman. So this Peanuts Lunar Landing Salt-And Pepper Shakers ($29.95) remind me a lot of that.

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