10 interesting SUSHI items

How Crazy are you for SUSHI?
I always enjoy my time in Japanese restaurant. I love sashimi, hand roll, small dishes, sushi, raman, mm... actually all the Japanese dishes. I found many interesting sushi items online, especially on ETSY.com. I love that website!!
Express your sushi love on your pets' toys, too. Here are set of 3 sushi plush dog toys ($14.95) just for your dogs. Each sushi dog toy squeak, too. How fun.

It's the moving season again, well, for me. But finally I can move down to SD to be with my husband. Anyway, those sushi tape ($5.99) will come handy with packing. I will definitely know where all my kitchenware are with this tape on.

Let all your co-workers know your love for sushi!! Use these Mini Sushi Staplers ($4.95) in work, and you may want to get some sushi for lunch!!

Another sushi item for your office use. Sushi Pen ($7.00) with very unique design on top. But have to be careful that no other sushi lovers in work see it. There are 4 designs available in Pylones.

It's always time for sushi. So is it Tuna roll or Salmon roll time for you? Sushi Wall clock ($25.99) is available in Amazon.com.

This Sushi sampler soap set ($15.00) is so beautiful. You can chose your own Niguri Sushi or sushi rolls up to six pieces with ginger and wasabi. All those are soaps, make sure you don't eat it. Bunny Bubbles has some very creative and interesting soaps in her shop.

Those Sushi Slippers ($28.00) are so brilliant!! There are four different "sushi meat", and you can order which feet goes with which sushi meat you want. Sushi Booties also has sushi baby booties ($22.00), so cute.

Those are the cutest California Sushi roll ($16.99) I ever seen. They are so cute and look very comfy to hug. Cornstarch also can customize any sushi plush you like if you can't find the one in her shop.

Those nine adorable Sushi Magnets ($9.99) are perfect for sushi lovers' refrigerator. JooSweetie's shop has so many cute items. Her owl designs are really different and interesting. This shop is one of my favoriate in ETSY.

Another cute way to show your love of Sushi. This Sushi Party Charm Bracelet ($10.00) is perfect for any sushi dinner party. Acrylicana also has a lot of cute accessories in her shop.


42PurpleElephants said...

I had no idea there were so many different sushi items. I'd actually seen the soap sampler (and considered it for my husband who likes sushi), but I hadn't seen any of the others. I think my favorite item is the pair of slippers, hehe.

~ April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

I love those slippers!!!

Here is a washcloth deliciously disguised as an adorable sushi roll: