10 items help your stress relief

Are you under stress? Maybe some of following stress ball/toys can help you a little.
There are a lot of promotional stress balls out there, but I found some items are different and fun to watch. Check those out!!

OK, those are only count as 1 item. I am selling those bread like stress ball plus cell phone strap ($4.50) in my store, PapaWaii. Those are not only look like bread, and also smell like one.

Those four stress toys are actually faces of the moon. Squeeze them whenever you feel not only stressed but also feel laughing, screaming or crying. Set of four for $130.00 in Uncommon Goods.

Martian Popping Thing's eyes, nose and ears will pop out when squeeze. Perfect not only as stress ball but also for entertaining others. Available in Fledflare.com for $14.00.

Paul ($12.99) already stressed, so whenever you are stressed, take it out on Paul. That doesn't sound right, but that's how it said on his box.

Those are perfect for this month!! I think they are kind of cute, well, before their eyes pop out. I Pop Monsters are available in Office Playground for $3.99.

Feel stress from work? or from someone? Dead Fred ($11.99)is right here for you. Transfer your stress whenever you put your pan on this pan holder.

Zen Garden is one kind of Japan Gardens, was performed by Zen Buddhists to help them meditate. Usually no flowers or colorful plants are used. Gravel or sand symbolizes sea, ocean, rivers or lakes. Stone arrangements represent mountain or island. So this mini Zen Garden ($9.99) can help you attain a quiet focus by rank the sand or rearrange the rocks.

In my office, someone put a big pile of bubble wraps in the corner. So everytime when anyone feel like it, they will go and pop some bubbles. I guess not only people from my office like to do that, now you can buy this little bubble poping keychain in ToysRus for $5.99.

Some people like popping plastic bubbles, but some people like to pop cans. What can I said, I admire Japanese's imagination and creativity. This reusable pop can toy ($3.90) can help your stress relief. Just keep opening the can without wasting any foods.

Another fun stress relief item from Japan. Endless Box Opening can satisfy your "un-zipping" needs. Available in Jbox.com for $9.80.

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